Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Both high ropes courses are totally safe. Our experienced staff will kit you out with a harness, helmet and safety device and explain how it all works. The safety device is designed so that once it is on the ropes there is no way for it to be removed until you have completed the course and you feet are back down on solid earth.

Who can do the course?

We have two courses: The lower level course suitable for children ages 5 and up.  To do the higher course there is no age restriction but you must be at least 1.4 meters tall.

My child is almost 1.4m tall but has been climbing for years and is very capable, can they do the higher course?

No, unfortunately, regardless of ability, unless you are taller that 1.4m you cannot do the higher course.  You will not be able to reach the ropes if you are under this height, for safety reasons we are very strict on this limit.

What should I wear?

The two ropes courses are outdoors so please dress to suit the weather,  if it’s raining don’t forget a jacket.  The harness can rub against your shoulder so a t-shirt is recommended on the sunnier days, don’t be tempted by a strappy top.  Shoes must enclose you toes and a solid sole is advisable, please no sandals , flip flops or similar shoes.

The weather has turned a little miserable, will you still be open?

We stay open in all weather.  Very occasionally we have had to close for extreme wind or lightening in the immediate area.  If you are unsure please give us a ring, someone will answer your call in every weather.  Also check out our pages on Facebook and Google+, these will be updated if we close due to extreme weather.

Do I need to book?

You do not need to book, although we do suggest it to avoid disappointment.  A quick phone call to 064 6631240 is all it takes.

Do you cater for  birthday parties?

Yes, we would love to help you celebrate your birthday or help you organise an event.  We offer a variety of party packages to suit your budget.  Party deals include hot food and an optional use of a private room.  Please give us a ring on 064 6631240 or email bookings@killarneyhighropes.com.